Calculates workers' compensation indemnity benefits on Minnesota claims.
Dependency Calc
Calculates benefits in fatality claims.
Benefit Weeks Calc
Calculates the number of weeks between two dates, based on a standard five day work week.
Interest Calc
Calculates interest on late workers' compensation benefits
Life Expectancy Calc
Calculates a person's additional life expectancy depending on gender and current age.
PremCalc: Insurers
Calculates your organization's exposure base and estimated policy year premiums.
Present Value Calc
A calculator that lets you choose escalation and discount rates to compute present value.
PPD Calc: Amount
Calculates the amount of permanent partial disability payable.
PPD Calc: Multiple
Calculates the percent of whole body disability when two or more body parts are injured.
Allocates third-party tortfeasor according to a statutory formula.
TPD Calc
Calculates Temporary Partial Disability benefits on Minnesota claims.
Ultimate Value Calc
Computes the total of future payments based on selected escalation rate.

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