PPD Additional Information

Method and Timing of Payment

Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) is paid for functional loss of use or impairment of function, which is permanent in nature, and is based on objective medical evidence.

PPD must be rated as a percentage of the whole body in accordance with the schedule in Minn.R. 5223.0300-5332.0650. An employee may not receive more than 100% disability of the whole body, even if the employee sustains disability to two or more body parts. To calculate the rating for two or more body parts, please proceed to PPD Calc – Multiple Body Parts.

PPD is payable in installments at the same amount as the employee’s temporary total disability (TTD) rate on the date of injury, when the employee:

  1. returns to work,
  2. has not returned to work, but TTD has ceased,
  3. begins receiving permanent total disability (PTD) benefits or retires, or
  4. completes a rehabilitation plan, but has not returned to work.

PPD is not payable while TTD is being paid, but can be paid concurrent with temporary partial disability and PTD.

Note - When a rating falls between the schedules defined in M.S. 176.101, subd 2(a), the higher schedule is used if the PPD rating is greater than or equal to .5 (Herrley v Brunner Trucking, WCCA 8/31/1989).

Effective October 1, 2000:

  • Compensation for permanent partial disability based on an employee’s impairment rating was increased.
  • If the employee requests PPD payments in a lump sum, the compensation must be paid within 30 days. The lump sum payment may be discounted to the present value calculated up to a maximum 5 percent.

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