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Overview - PremCalc will calculate your organization's exposure base and estimated policy year 2024 premiums for each WCRA retention level available in 2024. Knowing your organization's estimated reinsurance premium for the coming year will aid you in selecting the retention level for that coverage year. Click here for 2024 retention limits and rates.

For insurers, total pure premium is calendar year 2022 standard earned premium at the designated statistical reporting level as reported on your organization's 2022 MWCIA annual call for experience for your regular and large deductible Minnesota business.

For a more comprehensive explanation of reinsurance premiums, please refer to the WCRA Members Reference Guide.

2022 Total Pure Premium
2024 Exposure Adjustment Factor
Estimated 2024 Reinsurance Exposure Base
Estimated WCRA Premium at Low Retention Limit for 2024
Estimated WCRA Premium at High Retention Limit for 2024
Estimated WCRA Premium at Super Retention Limit for 2024
Estimated WCRA Premium at Jumbo Retention Limit for 2024

Total Pure Premium - Sum of Pure Premium Exposure

Exposure Adjustment Factor - The ratio of projected exposure for the coming year to the total reported exposure of the estimated base year is used to calculate estimated premium only. When we adjust your premium from estimated to actual, the exposure adjustment factor will change to 1.0.

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